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the monstrance OF SPIKES presides over the Eucharistic adoration during the Carnaval Triduum

It has been forty-one years since the San Juan Nepomuceno Monstrance, known as the Monstrance of Spikes, was used in liturgy. On the occasion of the Carnaval Triduum, this piece has emerged from the Cathedral’s treasury cabinets for exhibition of the Blessed during the Eucharistic celebrations in the days leading up to the principal solemnity of Ash Wednesday.

This Monstrance of anonymous Italian origin from the 18th century, as with other previously used in Seville Cathedral, are very significant liturgical pieces and were crafted with care in previous centuries. They take on a special relevance on the high days of the Church when the day is enhanced with the exhibition of these pieces of sacred art.

“Tradition and artistic beauty intertwine in these monstrances that represent the devotion and solemnity of Christian faith. Their meticulous crafting and use in liturgical ceremonies make them essential elements in the religious life of the Cathedral.” Santos Márquez, A. J. (2019)