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How to get there

The Collegiate Church of the Divine Savior is located in the central Plaza del Salvador, and close to two other very important squares for the old town: the Plaza de San Francisco, near the main facade of the temple, and the Plaza de la Alfalfa, near the head of it.

Since most of the historic center is pedestrianized, we recommend that you access the temple on foot.

Here are some possible routes:

  • Campana, Sierpes Street, Sagasta Street, Plaza del Salvador.
  • Plaza de la Encarnación, Calle Laraña, Calle Cuna, Plaza del Salvador.
  • Plaza de la Alfalfa, Calle Alcaicería, Plaza del Pan, Calle Córdoba, Plaza del Salvador.
  • Avenida de la Constitución, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza del Salvador.
  • Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, Placentines Street, Francos Street, Villegas Street, Plaza del Salvador.
  • Calle Alemanes, Calle Hernando Colón, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza del Salvador *.

* This tour is highly recommended if you have just completed your visit to the Cathedral and Giralda.


If you prefer to access this monument by transportation, here are the possible options available:


The monument does not have a parking service since the Plaza del Salvador is a pedestrian area. You can approach the area from Villegas Street. If you wish, you can park in the parking spaces in the old town and reach the temple on foot. The nearest public parking is located at Calle Albareda, 18.


The bus stops closest to the Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador are located in the central Plaza Ponce de León.

If you decide to use this means of public transport, you will have to walk from Plaza Ponce de León to Plaza del Salvador by the following itinerary: Plaza Ponce de León, Calle imagen, Plaza de la Encarnación, Calle Laraña, Calle Cuna and Plaza del Salvador.

Bus lines stopping at Plaza Ponce de León 10, 11, 12, 27, 24 and 32.

For more information, please visit https://www.tussam.es/


For those who love sports and are sensitive to the protection of the environment, the public bicycle service of the City of Seville is available.
The closest stations to the Iglesia Colegial are station No. 64, located in Calle Cuesta del Rosario (Plaza de la Pescadería), and station No. 87, in Plaza Nueva. For more information, please visit https://www.sevici.es


Ideal for those staying near Prado de San Sebastián and Jardines de Murillo, Line T1 of the metro ends at Plaza Nueva, close to Plaza del Salvador. Visit the website for more information.