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The Giralda

It has the classic structure of Almohad minarets that continued to be used for centuries in most Mudejar bell towers.

It is composed of a central prism with a square base, surrounded by four external walls. Between these two structures are the ascending ramps, which, in the case of this tower, due to its large size, even allowed access on horseback.

The exterior decoration is based on bifores or mullioned windows, either with semicircular or polylobed horseshoe arches, surrounded by alfiz and supported by another large pointed lobed arch (tumid). In the side streets, there are mural arches that, seen from a distance, look like a network of lozenges. The great height of this minaret makes it stand out from all the others, influenced by its decoration in vertical stripes that give it a special airiness.

In the bell tower, we can appreciate the magnificent work of its windows, where the arches and capitals of caliphal descent stand out. The last body of the Almohad tower was replaced by a Renaissance finial by Hernán Ruiz in the sixteenth century due to deterioration. Atop this finial revolves a bronze female statue about four meters high representing “the victorious faith,” called the Giraldillo, which gives its name to the tower.