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Visit rules

The Collegiate Church of the Divino Salvador is a sacred place and one of the most prominent Andalusian Baroque temples, second only to the Cathedral in importance within the Archdiocese of Seville. It represents an outstanding example of Sevillian Baroque and holds significant historical and cultural heritage.

To ensure the protection of works of art it is important that you follow the following recommendations:

  • The Patio de los Naranjos is an important historical-archaeological testimony, mainly due to the fact that in this place are preserved remains of the pillars and arches of the old Patio of the ablutions of the mosque, part of the old minaret (converted into a bell tower) and the complete preservation of a 16th century funerary chapel (the funerary chapel of the Pineda family). We recommend that, before or after your visit to the interior of the temple, you visit the Patio, accessing it through a door located at the base of the bell tower, on Cordoba Street.
  • The cultural visit space is divided into two main areas:
    • The 3 naves of the temple,where you can enjoy the baroque architectural elements of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, wonderful baroque altarpieces, excellent mural paintings and sculptures as important to the history of universal art, such as The Virgen de las Aguas(anonymous carving from the 13th century), San Cristobal and Our Father of Passion by the sculptor Juan Martinez Montañés The head of Cyrene and the Christ of Love by Juan de Mesa and the sculptural group of St. Anne teaching the infant Virgin to read by José Montes de Oca.
    • The Sacristies Area: Houses a museum of sacred art showcasing sculptures, oil paintings, gold works, embroidery, and other cultural and devotional artifacts from the Collegiate.
  • The estimated average time for your cultural visit is 30 minutes.