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Processional Monstrance

It has two bodies and a finial. It sits on a base with a square base and chamfered at the corners. Its four faces show iconographies related to the Eucharist.

The first body is encircled by 16 Ionic columns, with four columns positioned at each corner. These columns are fluted, except for the lower sections, which are adorned with spikes, grotesques, and vine shoots. They support four semicircular arches that form a small temple, within which the ostensory can be seen. The ostensory, crafted from gold and silver, dates to around 1821.

The second body of the monstrance repeats the square plan. It also has 16 Corinthian columns with the shaft completely decorated with cherub heads, bunches of grapes, ovals and fruits. On the outer corners of the semicircular arches there are angels carrying musical instruments and jars. This second body is covered with a half orange dome and in its interior appears the image of Christ Tied to the Column, from 1676.

This monstrance is topped with 4 angels in the corners. The complex is crowned with a small temple with a bell inside. On the dome of this temple there is a sculpture that symbolizes the triumph of Faith.