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Catechetical Visits

The Chapter of the Cathedral of Seville has a cycle of catechetical visits linked to the liturgical seasons. The aim is to invite both Sevillians and visitors to experience Advent and Christmas, Lent and Holy Week, and Easter in a different and original way, in order to deepen their evangelizing message. Faith and Art, Devotion and Culture come together to contemplate the sacred works and discover the message they contain.

This initiative combines prayer with guided visits, beginning with a brief catechesis given by a chapter member, followed by an explanation of a selection of works of art related to each liturgical season, from an evangelizing and catechetical perspective, and concluding with a community prayer among all the participants.

This type of visit is part of the Cathedral Chapter’s intention to serve within the message of the New Evangelization, understanding how Art is a privileged channel to connect with the message of the History of Salvation.

Basic data:

  • Visiting hours: During liturgical seasons, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons.
  • Group composition: Up to a maximum of 50 participants per shift.
  • Duration of the visit: 1 hour and a half approx.
  • Cost: 2€ Donation for Caritas

Request a reservation

Participation in this pastoral initiative has a cost of 2€ as a donation for Caritas and you can book your ticket by clicking on the following link: https://catedraldesevilla.entradasdemuseos.com/visit/catequesis-de-cuaresma

They have at their disposal a series of materials related to this pastoral activity.