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Anview of the technical reports in our possession on the state of the Church of the Divino Salvador de Sevilla, and knowing the repeated occasions on which landslides have occurred, with the consequent insecurity that this causes both for the people who go there and for those responsible for the temple, it is imposed as a precautionary measure the closure of said temple as of the day of the date. Seville, March 4, 2003″.

With this brief text sent by the Secretariat of the Archbishopric of Seville to all the media of the city, when a fragment of the roof fell and hit the altarpiece of the Altar of Santa Ana, the immediate closure of the Collegiate Church was communicated.

The response was unanimous, swift and forceful; from the citizens, from the Diocesan Church itself, and from the Public Administrations.

With the passion to recover our rich Islamic heritage and the best examples of Christian art, a whole human, logistical and devotional structure could be built, which, after five hard years of common impulse and supported by optimized methods and techniques, made the Collegiate Church of the Divino Salvador look today as one of the most beautiful temples in Europe.


These workbooks have been provided by the Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores de Sevilla for web dissemination. They were published during the process of integral restoration of the temple as a summary of the work carried out during these years. Our thanks.

Construction Notebooks April 04-1

Background, work report, disassembly of the organ.

Construction Notebooks November 04-3

Funerary areas, pillar bracing

Construction Notebooks June 06-5

Vault of the Sacristy, Low roofs

Construction Notebooks June 04-2

Dismantling of Altarpieces, Pineda Chapel

Construction Notebooks April 05-4

The roofs of the Collegiate Church. Works to facilitate citizen participation