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Artistic Heritage

Art in Service OF FAITH

The Cathedral of Seville houses one of the richest collections of artistic treasures preserved within ecclesiastical environments. This wealth of art serves not only as a repository of faith but also as a means of transmitting and interpreting its extensive artistic heritage, helping us understand the theological and spiritual messages conveyed through these works.

Already, the first Gothic artists made a theological reading of Christian art, using scenes from the Gospel, the life of Jesus, the life of Mary, even the mysteries of the Faith, as a source of inspiration for their works.

Through the naves and chapels of the Cathedral, you can walk along an authentic “Via Pulchritunidis” where wonderful works of art shine as a visible reflection of the divine invisible and, through the eyes, reach the soul.

These works speak to the heart of humanity, touch the personal and collective sensibility and arouse dreams and hope in an authentic encounter with God. A true catechesis that makes Christ’s message accessible in his missionary work and allows us to keep our faith alive through the walls that support it, thanks to its symbolic content. If our Love for God is still alive, all this artistic heritage will never die.