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Pedagogical Itineraries

The Chapter of the Cathedral of Seville offers a series of pedagogical itineraries, directed by the Cathedral’s staff, and aimed primarily at schools in the Archdiocese of Seville, although schools from other parts of Spain are also welcome.

The main objective is to bring the Cathedral closer to young people, allowing them to get to know the meaning of this temple and all that it houses inside, through its catechetical and evangelizing function, bearing in mind its patrimonial dimension.

For this academic year 2023/2024, we have the following itineraries available (click on each itinerary for further information):

The Cathedral of Seville was consecrated in 1248, after the reinstatement of Christian worship in the city by King Ferdinand III the Saint. Therefore, from that moment, this temple is the church of the archbishop of Seville and of all his diocesans, being also one of the main centers of Faith for Christianity.

The present Gothic building is due to the construction activity of the Cathedral Chapter, which took place during the 15th century, and since then there has been an intense architectural, artistic and religious activity within its walls.
The objective of this itinerary is to learn how the various artistic disciplines play a fundamental role in catechesis and evangelization, so that we understand the fact that the protagonists of the history of this place orient everything by and for God.

The figure of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo is one of the most important in the history of painting. He became from a very young age the most outstanding in the city, being requested by individuals and institutions with many commissions. In a very religious Seville, his work reached the grade of outstanding thanks to his ability to show with his brushes a kind and daily vision of the divine, favoring the encounter with God through the contemplation of his creations. Upon discovering his production, we can affirm that Murillo is still today one of the best evangelizers and catechists, because no one like him knew how to grasp how art is a privileged channel for prayer and learning.

Fernando III of Castile was the king who conquered the city of Seville in 1248, after five centuries of Muslim domination. In doing so, he allowed the reinstatement of Christian worship and the consecration of the Cathedral of Santa Maria. He was a very religious monarch, with an enormous devotion particularly to the Virgin Mary. This city was one of his great desires, imagining and devising a medieval Christian city and establishing the foundations of the new organization of the Church of Seville.

After a life dedicated to God and to his kingdom, he was buried in the Cathedral, leaving an enormous legacy that is still evident and that makes him a great reference for Christianity, and he was canonized in 1671.

Basic data:

  • Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, at 11:00, 12:15 and 15:30.
  • Group composition: Up to a maximum of 50 participants per shift.
  • Duration of the visit: 1 hour approx. Those who wish to climb the Giralda will need another 30 minutes.
  • Educational stages: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and High School.
  • Cost: 1€.

Request a reservation

There is no cost to participate in this pastoral initiative and you can book your ticket by clicking on the following link: https://catedraldesevilla.entradasdemuseos.com/visit/catequesis-de-adviento-y-navidad

For any kind of information, you can contact us through the following communication channels:

The form is only an application, you should receive a response confirming that the application has been accepted.

We have a series of pedagogical materials on the web with which you can prepare your visit to the Cathedral. Students will be given a copy of the itinerary, so, if they wish, they can request to pick it up at the Cathedral in advance (having agreed on a delivery date), and thus work with these materials.