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The Cathedral Chapter and the Fundación de Investigación de la Universidad de Sevilla (FIUS) agreed to bring in architect Dr. Miguel Ángel López López as architect-curator of the Cathedral building.

Miguel Ángel López López boasts solid training focused on historical-artistic heritage and is an expert in the use of new technologies in architecture. He has extensive experience in drafting master plans, conservation and restoration projects, management of building projects, and spatial planning.

Freelance professional architect since 1986. Member of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla. Associate professor in the Engineering Design department of the Universidad de Sevilla, received his doctorate from the Universidad de Córdoba, masters in historic heritage appraisal from the UCO (Universidad de Córdoba), masters of Design in Engineering and Architecture from UPO (Universidad Pablo de Olavide), and bachelors in Architectural Engineering.

With solid experience and training, he has completed numerous architectural projects and operations dealing with heritage in building.

An expert in new methodologies in the fields of architecture and construction, both in the techniques of mass data capture through the use of laser meters, as well as in the implementation of HBIM methodologies (Heritage Building Information Modeling) for built heritage.


Well, I didn’t think about it too much, but it truly is a challenge. If I thought about this situation at any point, it was an almost utopian dream, although it is true that I have been preparing for this kind of job for years.

It means responsibility because it requires constant attention. One has to be on top of a host of details and elements that need constant revision and also has to create a forecast for those issues that may come up in the short, medium, and long term. It truly is a job of planning and organizing all the love that the building needs.

I think the same that my predecessors did. The care of the building has progressed and now it is time to take action in other areas; for example, there has been a big change in the lighting systems that improve and benefit the feel of the space and help to advance the evangelical mission of the building and are also benign to the liturgy. It is one of our next goals to improve the full interior lighting system of the building.

With regard to the facilities in general, those are the parts of the work that change the most, and the goal is to update all those areas in addition to continuing the preventive care of the building, especially the care and monitoring of the stone.

We also understand that it is important to collaborate in and facilitate the maintenance work on the moveable assets housed in the Cathedral, work that is impeccably taken care of by Ana Isabel Gamero with great professionalism and finesse.

I am grateful to the Cathedral Chapter for the confidence that they have placed in me and I hope to live up to the mission that they have charged me with. That is where all my efforts will be directed.