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Next 25 February at 19:00, Seville Cathedral will host the ceremony of institution for new lectors and acolytes from the seminarians at Seville’s Metropolitan Seminary and Redemptoris Mater from third, fourth, and fifth year. 

The Auxiliary Bishop of Seville, Monsignor Ramón Valdiviawill preside. Cocelebrating will be the rectors and members of the Seminary training group, together with numerous parish priests from the hometowns of the seminarians or who have pastored them, in addition to friends and family. The ceremony can be followed via livestream on the Cathedral YouTube page.

These ministries of Lector and Acolyte are dedicated to reliable and specific service to the Word and the Altar, respectively, in addition to being a step on the path of training for the priesthood.

The seminarians who will receive the ministry of lector will be: Carlos Corento Calado, Javier Garrido Iglesias, José Manuel Moreno Tirado, and Alberto Torres Urbano. 

From Redemptoris Mater: Pablo Franco Pueyo and Pedro Muñoz Martín.

Receiving the ministry of acolyte: Moisés Benahmed Silva, Pablo Bernal Colón, Cristian Rodríguez Domínguez, 

José Manuel Ruiz Ruiz, Manuel Carrasco García-Moreno and Lukas Pysz.

From Redemptoris Mater: Fabio Martarelli and  Marco Collesei.