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ENTRY IS SOLD OUT for the Lenten catechetical visits

The Cathedral Chapter is grateful for the successful participation of both believers and visitors in the catechetical encounters during the Lenten season, for which capacity has been reached for the entire liturgical season.

This pastoral activity is part of the Cathedral Chapter’s cultural – catechetical plan to serve the message of the New Evangelization, understanding Art as a privileged channel to connect with the message of the Story of Salvation.

Likewise, with these visitors they would like to invite both Sevillians and visitors to Lent, Holy Week, and Easter in a different and original way, in which Faith and Art, Devotion and Culture come together to contemplate sacred works and discover the evangelist message within.

This initiative combines prayer with guided visits. It begins with a brief catechesis delivered by a capitular and continues with explanations of a selection of artworks related to each liturgical season, concluding with a community prayer among all participants.