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As Lent approaches, the Cathedral Chapter is again offering catechetical visits dedicated to this liturgical season. Participation in this pastoral activity carries a cost of 2€, as a donation to Caritas, and tickets can be acquired by clicking the following link:


The Pastoral service of the church aims to offer to all those who desire it the opportunity to take a different perspective to prepare for the celebration of Lent and Holy Week through catechesis, prayer, and art.

These visits, which have been previously available during other liturgical seasons, consist of the elaboration of a brief catechesis delivered by a chapter member, continuing with a tour guided by Cathedral staff in which analysis of a selection of artworks will address the catechetical content of the works, finishing with a community prayer. They will last approximately one hour and half.

The following is the schedule for these catechetical visits:
-Wednesday 21 February at 18:00
-Friday 23 February at 18:00
-Wednesday 28 February at 18:00
-Friday 1 March at 18:00
-Wednesday 6 March at 18.00
-Friday 8 March at 18:00
-Sunday 10 March at 18:00
-Wednesday 13 March at 18:00
-Sunday 17 March at 18:00.

If you would like more information or clarification, you may contact
us in the following ways:
-608 88 86 85