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Seville Cathedral will celebrate a eucharist for the Global Day of Consecrated Life at the Jubilee altar next 4 February at 17:30, led by His Excellency Archbishop José Ángel Sainz Meneses, who referenced this day in his Carta Dominical: “Today more than every the Church needs the prophecy of Consecrated Life and precisamente las jaculatorias “Here I am!”, “Your will be done!” encierran un compromiso profético para «Una Iglesia sinodal en misión». Each consecrated person receives the love and call of the Lord and the response of love and readiness is both individual and communal.”

Under the banner “Here I am, Lord, Your will be done.”, next 2 February the 28th Global Day of Consecrated Life will be celebrated, which coincides each year with the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the temple.

This day recalls the gift to the Church and to the world of those consecrated “in its richness of manner and charisma, inspired by the Holy Spirit through community monitoring and discernment,” as the bishops of the Episcopal Commission for Consecrated Life pointed out in their message for the day.

The bishops of the Episcopal Commission for Consecrated Life, with their theme “Here I am, Lord, Your will be done” include evangelistic supplication with the mindset of one who knows they are called by God. Thus, they stress that the consecrated person can say in full confidence and freedom: “Here I am!”

Moreover, they want to point out that “Here I am!”, with all its might, becomes “Here we are!” “Not just because when Christians say ‘I’ they are saying ‘we’, but because the ecclesiastical we and the we of Consecrated Life of the time in which we live invites us to offer ourselves and make ourselves ready to seek, pursue, and do the divine will as a community, dentro del pueblo de Dios en camino,” they assert.