• 10/07/2020

The Cathedral of Sevilla, where God´s beauty and grandeur meet

The Cathedral of Sevilla, where God´s beauty and grandeur meet

1080 721 Catedral de Sevilla

Coinciding with the announcement of the reopening of the Cathedral to singular visits on July 1, the Metropolitan Council today presents a video of its own production entitled: The Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede: a meeting place with beauty and greatness of God.

With unpublished images produced by Serendipia Audiovisual, the sacred traces of the past are traversed and the mysteries of Christ are shown through a selection of works of art by famous artists present in the Cathedral. The script, prepared for this occasion, by the communication team of the Council, reflects a new perspective from the sacred value of the temple.

The Cathedral of Seville, past, present and future of the truth of the beauty of God.


Some of the artworks that appear on video are listed below:

  • The Circumcision of Jesus. Jacob Jordaens (1669). Baptism Chapel
  • San Juan Bautista Precursor. San Sebastián, San Juan Bautista (in the center of the composition) and San Antón, in the altarpiece of the Chapel of the Evangelists. H. de Esturmio
  • Saint John the Baptist in the desert. Zurbarán (1640) Pavilion
  • The Epiphany. Jacob Jordaens (1669). Baptism Chapel
  • The Baptism of Jesus – Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1667 – 1668) Chapel of Baptism or of Saint Anthony
  • The Flight into Egypt – Detail of the Main Altarpiece
  • The Messianic Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem – Tympanum of the Door of the Campanillas. Miguel Perrín (16th century). East facade
  • The Incarnation of the Son of God. – Chapel of the Incarnation. Francisco de Ocampo (1630)
  • The visitation of Our Lady to Santa Isabel. Pedro de Villegas Marmolejo (1566)
  • The Birth of the Son of God. The adoration of the shepherds. Luis de Vargas (1555). Altar of Birth
  • Virgin of Bethlehem. Alonso Cano (1635 – 1637). Chapel of Bethlehem
  • The Presentation of the Lord Jesus in the temple. Alejo Fernández, (between 1508 and 1512). Sacristy of the Chalices
  • Ecce Homo. Follower of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Chapel of Santiago
  • The Ascension of Christ. Window. Arnao of Flanders (1539)
  • The Assumption of Our Lady to Heaven. – Tympanum Door of the Assumption
  • Self-disclosure at the wedding in Cana. Francken II. (H. 1630) Chapel of San Hermenegildo
  • The Guardian Angel. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1665 – 1668)
  • Neapolitan anonymous. Mid s. XVIII. Oratory of the Sacristy of the Chalices




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