Visit with children

This project raises an approach to the history and art prevailing in the cathedral, through dialogue and children’s participation seeking to develop their ability to observe and analyze their inherited patrimony. In addition, with this material, we seek to enrich the cultural visit in the field of education and family environment.

This material is made up of a Teacher’s Notebook, a Student’s Notebook and an illustrated booklet, which includes resources, basic information, questions, character gallery, basic vocabulary, timeline and useful activities for families with children of school age and teachers of early childhood education, primary education and secondary education, can use them when they make the cultural visit to the Cathedral of Seville.

Both notebooks include basic information, legends and traditions, as well as suggestions and resources in order to prepare with the youngest kids, a self-guided tour, along the monumental cathedral and Giralda. In this way, we intend to facilitate reinforcement of historical-artistic concepts and to integrate the study of sacred art in the school and family curriculum.

Throughout the Teacher’s Notebook, parents, adults and/or teachers in charge of guiding the visit, have a description of:

  • Guidelines to follow in the visit to the Cathedral of Seville within the framework of the E.S.O. curriculum.

  • The main objectives of this didactic visit, from a general perspective and in relation to the students

  • The proposed methodological guidelines: before, during and after the visit

  • A series of summary cards about the most important spaces of the cathedral, together with visual references of the activities, that about those spaces, have been included for the children in the Student’s Notebook.

The Student’s Notebook is presented with simple language and digital and illustrated images, which facilitate children’s understanding and enjoyment, far from the academic formats.

In addition to a historical introduction and the activities proposed for each school year, the notebook includes a gallery of characters, vocabulary and a timeline of great visual content.

We hope that these materials, which can be used totally or partially and in any order, constitute a useful tool for students to acquire more knowledge about the value of art in the context of the Christian temple, promote tolerance with different forms of aesthetic expression and awaken love for our heritage, in a close and fun way.

Raquel Liñán Martín
HE. Cabildo de la Catedral de Sevilla


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