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– Construction of new walls in Seville. (1118)
– The Almoravids conquer Seville. The Christian bishop flees to Christian lands. (1147)
– The Almohad caliphate of Abu Yaqub Yusuf, who moved the capital to Seville, begins. (1163)
– Abu Yaqub orders the construction of the Great Mosque of Seville. (1172)
– The caliph Abu Yaqub dies. He was succeeded by his son Abú Yusuf Yaqub who ordered the construction of the minaret (tower) of the mosque (present Giralda). (1184)
– Work on the minaret had been halted and is now being resumed with brick. (1189)
– The minaret of the Sevillian mosque crowned by the “yamur” (4 golden spheres) is inaugurated. (1198)