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– With Seville without an archbishop, the canons decided to build a new cathedral. (1401)
– The infant Don Fernando came to the Cathedral to take the sword from the effigy of Fernando III. (1407)
– Doña Guiomar Manuel, a lady who gave a large part of her fortune to the Cathedral Factory, was buried in the mosque. (1426)
– The remains of the kings are moved from the Royal Chapel to a chapel in the Patio de los Naranjos. (1432)
– The king authorized the demolition of the Royal Chapel, beginning the construction of the current Cathedral. (1433)
– From September 1, the weekly payments of the master stonemasons are documented, among whom was Maestre Carlín, always entitled “maestro mayor de la obra nueva” (1436).
– Don Juan de Cervantes, a native of Seville and cardinal of Ostia, was appointed apostolic administrator of the diocese of Seville. (1449)
– Mercadante de Bretaña finishes the tomb of Cardinal Juan de Cervantes in the Chapel of San Hermenegildo. (1458)
– Last date in which Mercadante de Bretaña is mentioned in Seville after finishing the sculptures of the doors of the Baptism and the Nativity or Saint Michael. (1468)
– The upper part of the choir is finished. Enrique Alemán begins to manufacture the first stained glass windows. (1478)
– The first stained glass windows are placed in the central nave. (1480)
– The construction of the Main Altarpiece begins. (1482)
– Elio Antonio de Nebrija requests permission to teach Grammar in the Granada Chapel of the Cathedral. (1498)