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Cathedral and Giralda Tower

From Monday to Sunday

The Cabildo reopens access through the Lagarto door
 for online access and through Prince door  for face-to-face
 sale of surplus tickets on the web platform. It is a visitor 
service point where you can purchase the tickets that
 have remained available in the online sale.
 From this same door, visitors will be admitted at the 
established times and through groups with reduced


Online access: Puerta del Lagarto
Tickets point access: Puerta del Príncipe

Monday toSaturday: 10:45 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 2:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

 Online purchase recommended

Guided tour. The Roofs of the Cathedral


Monday to Friday

11:30h.,12:00h, 12:30 h.,16:00h., 16:30 h., 17:00 h.*

Saturday to  Sunday

10:00h., 10:30h., 12:00h., 12:30 h., 16:00h., 18:00h.


Guided tour. Cathedral and Giralda tower

Monday to Saturday

12:30 h., 16:00 h.


17:00 h.

Access: Puerta de San Miguel

Schedules and prices

Entry Tickets Online.  Anticipate and buy your tickets in a simple and safe way. Save time and avoid queues.  Online Booking

Cathedral and Giralda tower


General admission 11,00€ ONLINE / 12,00€ TICKET OFFICE.

Reduced admission 6,00€ ONLINE / 7,00€ TICKET OFFICE.

Free admission for Natives or residents in the Diocese of Seville, Spanish unemployed, Disabled and Children until 13 years old.

Those mentioned below have the right to a reduced entry ticket:

– Students between 14 and 25 years of age with international student card or student card in force. Minors between 14 and 17 years old, will be able to prove it with their D.N.I or Passport.-. Pensioners over 65 years old.

Those mentioned below have the right to a resident entry ticket:

–  Every person born or residing in Seville and its Diocese – which currently coincides with the geographical province.

In every case, it will be mandatory to show an accredited document on the day of the visit. The acquisition of a resident ticket without showing some current regulated documentation will imply purchasing a new ticket.

Those mentioned below have the right to a free entry ticket:

– Children until 13 years old.
– People with disabilities starting from 65%.
– Spanish unemployed people.



The roofs of the cathedral

The roofs of the cathedral   A journey through time, a unique experience to know how the Cathedral was built.

Throughout the tour you will meet a series of characters that participated in theconstruction: the master mason, stonemasons, bricklayers, carpenters, blacksmiths, pot makers, esparto workers, pawns … each collaborating with their work so that the project of the construction of a Gothic and Renaissance cathedral could become real.

Get to know the Cathedral from a high point, take a walk on its rooftops, walk through passages, and enjoy the panoramic views offered by the Cathedral’s architecture and its urban surroundings.

Do not miss it! …

Visiting Timetable

From Monday to Friday

10:00 h. – 12:00 h.,  16:00 h. y 18:00 h.

Saturday to Sunday

9:30h., 10:00h., 11:30h., 12:00h., 16:00h., 17:00h., 18:00h. y 19:00h.


January 01

January 06

Corpus Christi

August 15

December 08

December 25

These schedules and visiting days may under go modifications due to the celebration of extraordinary events.



Duration of the Visit

Approximately 90 minutes

Price of Admission

The cultural visit of the roofs costs € 20 ONLINE / €21 TICKET OFFICE per person.

This price includes: tour of the roofs, guided by a technician in the interpretation of the heritage that will accompany you throughout the tour.

In the same way it includes, during your visit of the covers, an accident insurance (policy valid exclusively for people under 70 years old).

Avoid queues and buy your ticket online.

In case of inclement weather the cultural visit will be suspended and you can request a change of date or refund of the amount.


  • Due to the characteristics and difficulty of the tour, and for safety reasons, the visit is limited to people older than 10 years old and who do not suffer cardio respiratory diseases, vertigo or whose mobility is not limited due to age or health reasons (minimum 1 adult for every 2 children under 16 but always over 9 ). If visitors are older than 70, they must sign the document that will be handed in to them, assuming the responsibilities that may arise from any incident during their visit.
  • You must be present at Puerta de San Miguel, Avenida de la Constitución, 10 minutes before the time indicated on your purchase voucher. Please be punctual.
    Due to the particular circumstances of the visit, latecomers will not be admitted once it has started
  • You must show this bonus to the accompanying technician and it is recommended to keep it with you for the entire journey. It is not necessary to have a printed
    ticket: it may be shown on any mobile device
  • For reasons of conservation of the heritage, the visitor must commit to correct behaviour and respect for the Monument. The integrity of all ornamental and architectural elements will be scrupulously respected.
  • The instructions of the accompanying technician will be followed at all times.
  • The use of cameras for exclusively personal purposes is allowed. For the visitors’ safety and convenience, the use of a tripod is not allowed, except with prior authorization.
  • To guarantee a good quality of the visit, use of mobile phones is prohibited during the tour. Its use is limited, exclusively, to the taking of photographs. It is suggested that you keep your phone in silent mode. They may only be used for taking mobile device. photographs.
  • The tour of the visit takes place inside the temple. You must keep silence out of respect for other visitors.
  • Any questions you have during the processing of your reservation call us at 0034 954214971 / 0034 682001309 or send us an email to
  • In the face of unforeseen circumstances, the Town Council Management always reserves the right to change or cancel the authorization granted.


The Roofs. Rules and recommendations. DOWNLOAD

Collegiate Church of the Divine Saviour


The visiting hours can be modified because of the celebration of some act of worship or cultural activity. For a better organization of your visit we advise you to consult the «Calendar» section.


Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to  18:00  *(box office until 17:30)

(*) Evacuation of the Temple’s inside will take place 15 minutes before closure.




In the Collegiate Church of the Divine Saviour you have the option of acquiring a ticket just to visit this monument, or you have a joint ticket that includes a visit to the Cathedral and to the Giralda as well.

Cultural visit to the Collegiate Church of the Divine Saviour

General Entry Ticket: 4.00 Euros (AUDIOGUIDE INCLUDED)

Free Admission*: Natives or residents of the Diocese of Seville / Minors up to 15 years old accompanied by an adult / Disabled individuals with a companion / Unemployed * Accredited by official document.

Joint Visit Cathedral + Giralda + Collegiate Church of the Divine Saviour

General Entry Ticket: 11.00€ ONLINE /12,00€ TICKET OFFICE

Reduced Entry Ticket: 6.00€ ONLINE / 7,00€ TICKET OFFICE  : Pensioners over 65 years old / Students up to 25 years old

Free admission:* Natives or residents in the Diocese of Seville / Minors until 13 years old accompanied by an adult / Disabled individuals with a companion / Spanish unemployed * Accredited by official document.

Recommendation: If you acquire the Entry Ticket for the joint visit, you will not have to wait in queue at the entrance of the cultural visit to the Cathedral, since the access is direct, provided the corresponding ticket is shown at the access control. Because of this, it is our recommendation that you start your cultural visit at the Collegiate Church, and then go to the Cathedral and the Giralda.

Plan of the Cultural Visit – EN


Plano de la Visita Cultural – ES


Plan of the Cultural Visit – RU


Plan of the Cultural Visit – PT


Plan of the Cultural Visit – JA


Plan of the Cultural Visit – ZH


Plan of the Cultural Visit – KO


Plan of the Cultural Visit – IT


Plan of the Cultural Visit – DE


Plan of the Cultural Visit – FR


Folleto Catedral de Sevilla

Folleto histórico y horarios de culto de la Catedral de Sevilla


The Cathedral is a sacred place, a World Heritage monument, the largest and most visible building in the city that also hosts hundreds of thousands of worshippers and visitors a year. Please bear these rules in mind to help maintain its splendour.

General Rules


La Catedral de Sevilla está abierta a todo el mundo. Tanto por respeto como para garantizar la seguridad de todos, se ruega a los visitantes que cumplan con la normativa que se detalla a continuación.

Esta normativa se hace extensible a la visita cultural de la Iglesia del Divino Salvador, que complementa la visita a la Catedral.

El incumplimiento de esta normativa puede suponer la no autorización de la entrada o la expulsión del recinto.



The Cabildo Officials of the Cathedral reserves the right to refuse admission.

At the access control, visitors will be submitted to validation of their entrance ticket.

In case of detecting an object considered dangerous, this object may be confiscated until the exit or, failing that, access to the premises will be directly denied. Any type of weapon such as sharp objects, knives or the like is understood as a dangerous object. All kinds of banners, posters or flags with vindicatory claims, as well as harmful chemical products that could harm both for the monument or people will also be considered as prohibited objects.

Access and stay in the grounds of the Cathedral and Church of El Divino Salvador is subject to having the entrance ticket, which must be shown to the audience service and/or security personnel who so requires it, in addition to the duly accredited Cathedral’s staff that requests it.

Children under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult in order to access the premises.

Individual visitors as well as groups have different enabled accesses as specified in the exterior signage of the temple.

As a general rule, the amount of the ticket will not be returned in case of wanting to access the temple on dates and times other than those indicated on the ticket. As regards groups, previous reservation will be mandatory.

If this is not done, the Cathedral can only be accessed when there are available time slots and under the payment criteria indicated in the official rate displays.

Access to the Cathedral will only be allowed with tickets issued at the ticket offices of the Cathedral and the Church of El Salvador. Sale and/or resale of tickets on the street, as well as their forgery, are prohibited.

Once the ticket has been validated at the accesses, it will not be possible to leave the premises and then re-enter.

In order to benefit from the established discounts, corresponding support documentation must be shown, which will be subject to validation by the access control staff.

The sale of tickets to access the venue ends 60 minutes before closure of the facilities. Clearing of the premises will begin to take place 30 minutes before closing.

Animals are not allowed to enter the premises, except in the case of assistance dogs.

To ensure safety both of people and facilities, the Cathedral has a permanent video recording system.

It is absolutely prohibited:

-To touch and tarnish the Cathedral’s patrimony in any of its artistic representations, to touch and tarnish the pillars or works of art.

-To touch, cut or uproot plants of Patio de los Naranjos.

– To throw trash and waste of any kind to the ground.

–To undress, remove footwear or lie down either on benches, or steps, or on the patio.

–To access, without authorization, any of the areas of the monument which are closed to the public.



The Hon. Cabildo reserves the right to modify itineraries or limit the Cathedral’s spaces that can be visited because of reasons of safety, restoration, maintenance, adverse weather conditions or specific events.

The Hon. Cabildo, in compliance with the legal regulations, will decide the visitor capacity of the Cathedral and Giralda and their spaces, according to criteria of security and preservation of the monument.



Out of respect for the rest of the visitors and to maintain the atmosphere of retreat suitable of a church, please perform your visit without raising the tone of voice.

During the visit, civic behaviour must be maintained, avoiding crowds and races inside the premises.

Visitors are asked to adopt respectful behaviour and dress with decorum.

Please, use a low tone of voice to contribute to the environment of peace of mind, reflection and respect that the Cathedral, and the enjoyment of works of art, requires.

Smoking and eating inside the premises is not allowed. Drinks can only be consumed outside the building or water during hot weather.

Visitors will be responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness of the spaces, as well as for adopting respectful behaviour towards the patrimonial and museum elements.

Any act of protest is forbidden within the whole Cathedral of Seville ensemble.

Taking pictures with a tripod is not allowed Inside the premises, except in the case of previously accredited people.

Photographs and video recordings may not be reproduced, distributed or marketed for commercial purposes without the Hon. Cabildo’s permission.

In case of evacuation the Cathedral staff’s instructions should be followed at all times.

The Royal Chapel is a space reserved exclusively for worship and prayer, its access is forbidden within the cultural circuit.



For reasons of safety, people with reduced mobility cannot climb the Giralda tower. It is forbidden to climb with wheelchairs.

Children under 14 can visit the Giralda always accompanied by an adult.

In the case of school group visits there must be at least one teacher for every 10 students.

It is recommended that people with vertigo, claustrophobia, anaemia, tendency to dizziness, heart problems and/or respiratory problems do not climb the Giralda.



It is mandatory to return the audio and radio guides before leaving the premises in the same conditions in which they were received.

Groups larger than 10 people should use radio guides to avoid noise. This equipment can be their own or purchased at the Cathedral at the price of € 1



Likewise, school groups may be directed by an accredited teacher and without the need of a specialized guide, provided that mandatory documentation confirming the educator is shown.

In accordance with the current regional regulations, only official guides and accredited teachers can perform explanatory tours.

The guide or responsible teacher who carries out the explanations inside the Cathedral premises must use radio guide equipment.

The entry of groups with concerted visits can only be done before or within the 10 minutes following the scheduled time.


Cathedral. Rules and recommendations. DOWNLOAD



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