The Cabildo of the Cathedral has as a priority objective of providing its visitors with as many accessibility resources, support services and useful information as it has at its disposal, in order to facilitate access and an ideal transmission of their sacred heritage.

Free Admission

Free admission to the cultural visit for disabled individuals with a degree higher than 65%


Adapted Toilets

Toilets located in the «Permanent Exhibition» area and in Patio de los Naranjos



Free service for people with reduced mobility


Braille Brochures

Brochures in Braille language for people with visual disabilities


Sign-guide Service

Free sign-up service for people who are deaf or hard of hearing


Baby Changers

Located in the «Permanent Exhibition» area and in Patio de los Naranjos

A Cathedral with No Barriers

The Cabildo’s interest in the world of disability and accessible tourism goes back a long way. There have been, and there are, many and diverse actions and projects that have been developed in the cathedral in order to bring its heritage closer to the different groups of disabled people, among them, the provision of free admission for the cultural visit, the presence in the staff of a worker with an intellectual disability, the holding of two special open-door days, the provision of brochures in Braille language, brochures adapted to people with intellectual disabilities and sign guides.

Atención a personas con discapacidad

IV Andalusian Award for Good Practices in the Attention to People with Disabilities
Accessible City

As a sign of recognition to the Cabildo’s constant efforts to eliminate architectural barriers, on December 1, 2009, the Cathedral Chapter of Seville was awarded the IV Andalusian Award for Good Practices in the Attention to People with Disabilities, in the modality of Accessible City, for the project A Cathedral for everyone, A Cathedral with No Barriers, which it has been developing since 1993 to the present.

With this award, the quality work carried out by the Metropolitan Cabildo in the elimination of the barriers that impede the regular development of people with reduced mobility was recognized.

In this line of showing a cathedral FOR EVERYONE, we continue working with effort and enthusiasm.



Entradas gratuitas, aseos adaptados, servicio de sillas de ruedas, folletos Braille, servicio de signo-guías... etc

Nuestros vídeos

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Catedral de Sevilla TV

Misas, celebraciones y eventos en directo desde nuestro canal de televisión.

- Signoguías

Servicio gratuito de signoguías para personas sordas o con discapacidad auditiva.

- El Evangelio en lenguaje de signos

Vídeos con lecturas del Evangelio en Lengua de Signos Española.